One to Three Years

This package for those parents who are navigating the tricky waters of newly independent toddlers. The parent may be concerned about the nutrition they are providing their family. Is it varied and complete? The child may be exhibiting signs of food neophobia by displaying selective (picky) eating. This package is for you, the parent who wants to become confident in the nutrition they are providing for their family. Create a healthy relationship with food to benefit your child throughout their life.

You will
– Decrease stress on the family by making mealtimes more pleasant for all
– Learn about current research and how it can best benefit your family
– Avoid common nutritional pitfalls, such as being a short-order cook
– Understand balanced diet and how to achieve it
– Understand how to choose appropriate meals and snacks for optimum nutrition
– Create a pathway to making nutrition a less stressful part of your life so you can be more present with your child

What’s Included
– 4 weeks of overall support
– personal nutritional counseling
– unlimited email support
– customized recipes
– educational resources and materials
– typed up session notes

The Plan
– initial 45- 90-minute consultation
– 3 hours of coaching via customized session plans
– customized recipe resource via Pinterest

Cost: $570 paid in full, or 3 payments of $200