Pregnancy to Birth- STAGE 3

This 4 week package is designed for that final trimester. In a few weeks, your baby will be a reality and you want to be prepared as best you can. Provide the best nutrition for your baby, for yourself, and for other family members as well.

You will
– create a nutrition plan for preparing for your recovery, including meal planning and prep
– learn about natural methods for coping with hormonal changes following delivery
– obtain lactation cookie recipes
– plan for easy to grab nutritious meals in the house
– understand how to prepare for breastfeeding
– talking through breastfeeding and risks for allergies, etc
– clarity on how your delivery method (and recovery) affects nutritional changes and behavioral changes prior to and after delivery
– cope with complications such as gestational diabetes- how to cope now and in the future

What’s Included
– 4 weeks of overall support
– personal nutritional counseling
– unlimited email support

The Plan
– initial 90-minute consultation
– 2 45 minute follow-up session (scheduled as planned in consultation)
– educational resources and materials
– typed up session notes
– unlimited e-mail support for 30 days

Cost: $412 paid in full, or 3 payments of $145