Birth to Six Months

This package is designed for the new mother, or new mother again! When you realize that many of the ideas about parenting that you previously held just flew out the window! You’re sleep, deprived, hungry, and maybe a little sad. You’re frustrated by the complications of post-pregnancy hormones. You might be having some trouble with breastfeeding. You feel overwhelmed with options, ideas, and “friendly advice” from family and strangers alike.

You will
– obtain peace of mind in a world where there is too much information
– have a guide through multiple stages of nutrition
– figure out what’s best for yourself and your baby
– understand grounded science-based solutions presented in a sensitive manner
– become empowered through nutrition education that leads to independent, knowledgeable parents
– become more capable to make their own educated decision
– learn to create a meal plan
– maintain optimum nutrition while providing ideal nutrition for your baby
– identify and resolve colic, fussiness, eczema, or other food allergies or intolerances
– experience reduced stress
– experience a healthier mindset
– feel more energetic
– obtain better quality sleep
– have a guide through an elimination diet in the case of eczema or other food allergies and intolerances
– feel comfortable with methods of food introduction
– maintain the nutrition goals you have for your child
– preserve the parent-child feeding relationship
– understand grounded science-based solutions with knowledgeable tools presented in a sensitive manner

What’s Included
– 4 weeks of overall support
– personal nutritional counseling
– unlimited email support
– Food Introduction Webinar
– Breastfeeding Webinar
– Nutrition for the New Mom Webinar
– customizes recipes
– educational resources and materials
– typed up session notes

The Plan
– initial 90-minute consultation
– 4- 30 minute follow-up session
– customized recipe resource via Pinterest

Cost: $465 paid in full, or 3 payments of $160