My name is Yaffi Lvova, RDN. You can read more about my credentials and my business here, but in this section I’ll tell you a little more about myself.

I am originally from Long Island, but I’ve been living in Arizona long enough to almost be a native Arizonian. Almost. I may be a dietitian, but I have never forgotten what a real slice of pizza tastes like! My husband and I live in Chandler, Arizona with our twin boys.

I became a dietitian after 20 years of interest in nutrition, stemming from a background in dance. This is my second career- my first bachelor’s was in Comparative Religions, another longtime interest of mine. I love studying different cultures! That interest spills over to nutrition, where I love learning about the cuisine and health perspectives of different cultures.

I started studying nutrition and fertility during my own struggle to conceive. After four years, I became pregnant and was immediately concerned about proper nutrition intake for a multiple gestation pregnancy. Yes, twins. Twin boys who each came with their own food sensitivities which manifested as colic, rashes, and sleeplessness. I had a difficult time breastfeeding and had to work often with lactation consultants to achieve my goals. I didn’t know about family-integrated feeding techniques, so I spent a lot of time pureeing and storing mush! We dealt with tongue ties and adenoid removal. Those experiences really tuned me into maternal and childhood nutrition.

I remember being scared, confused, and exhausted. I would love to help other parents navigate these important times while sorting through current nutrition research and becoming confident in their decisions!

Just for fun… I love SCUBA, sailing small boats, ballroom dancing (especially East Coast swing), cooking and recipe development, and I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie!