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I want my services to be available to all. For that reason, I am offering a sliding scale option.

If your insurance covers dietitian services, let’s explore that first. But if you’re self-pay all the way, here you go:

Find the most relatable set of circumstances, then pick a price in the suggested range that is comfortable for you. This is an honor system. No proof is necessary. 



    • I cannot meet my basic needs  without institutional assistance.
    • My housing, transportation, or childcare situation is not stable.
    • I don’t always have enough to eat.
    • I support someone(s) other than myself who can’t/doesn’t work.
    • I earn minimum wage at my job.



    • I live on a budget, but I can meet my basic needs. 
    • I have debt, but my debts don’t interfere with my ability to meet my basic needs.
    • I have access to healthcare.
    • I have a savings or retirement account.
    • I take a vacation now and then without taking on a financial burden.



    • I don’t worry about my basic needs. 
    • I own my home or have options for where to rent with few barriers.
    • I have access to reliable transportation, healthcare, and childcare options.
    • I have investment accounts, property, or assets that build wealth separate from my primary income.



    • I do not have to work in order to meet my basic needs.
    • I own a vacation home(s) that remains unoccupied most of the time.
    • I have access to generational wealth and/or my children will.
    • I can afford to sponsor someone who cannot afford nutrition counseling.


sliding scale model by friend and grief counselor V Cooper MA, M.Ed., GC-C

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