Obtaining Wellness

This package is designed for the parent experiencing some barriers to health during pregnancy or early childhood. This is for the parent who wants the freedom to enjoy their lifestyle while feeling confident that they are taking care of their health and their child’s wellbeing.

This package is best for you if you are confronting such health concerns as:

  • gestational diabetes
  • your child is experiencing allergies, eczema, or colic
  • you or your child are having difficulty gaining appropriate weight
  • your child has selective (picky) eating

You will
– Gain confidence as you become an empowered decision maker
– Establish a pathway to resolving health concerns
– Experience reduced risk of future illness or future complications from illness
– Receive tips for handling tricky social situations
– Know what questions to ask at restaurants and social gatherings and become confident in asking them
– Understand how to provide a healthy and varied diet so that it doesn’t feel like the intolerance, allergy or illness is taking over your life
– Gain knowledge on how to teach/train/support your child in their illness
– Decrease anxiety about your or your child’s intolerance or illness
– Develop a collection of easy and healthy recipes and foods to maximize nutrition

What’s Included
– personal nutritional counseling
– unlimited email support
– customized recipes
– educational resources and materials
– typed up session notes

The Plan
– initial 45- 90-minute consultation
– 3 hours of coaching via customized session plans
– customized recipe resource via Pinterest

Cost: $570 paid in full, or 3 payments of $200