Pregnancy to Birth- COMPLETE

This package is designed for newly pregnant moms. Pregnancy is such an exciting time and yet fears and misunderstandings are a common part of pregnancy.  There is so much to learn, explore, discover as you prepare to give your baby more than what you have had.  Pregnancy is a time to honor your amazing body and the amazing miracle it’s performing. This is THE time to treat your body better.  That’s why I have designed this package just for you.  I’ll empower you to gain the knowledge, understanding, and confidence to make the best nutritional choices for you and your new little one.

This complete pregnancy package takes you through the entire pregnancy. If you have any sessions left over at the time of the birth, you can choose to roll them into the Birth to Six Months package.

You will
– get your diet in order
– sort through the confusion & find the truth about food, freeing yourself from guilt
– provide maximum nutrition for your baby and you
– learn how dietary needs change during pregnancy
– discover which foods are on the “not allowed during pregnancy” list
– increase confidence in choosing the right foods, vitamins, & supplements
– maintain health through morning sickness and fatigue
– clarify information from previous generations that conflicts with current research
– plan meals that ensure that you get the necessary nutrients for healthy fetal development
– knowing what nutrients you need, how much of them you need and ways to get those nutrients on a daily basis
– understand how to choose the best prenatal vitamin
– confidence knowing that while the look of your your body changes, it can grow a healthy child

– create a nutrition plan for preparing for your recovery, including meal planning and prep
– learn about natural methods for coping with hormonal changes following delivery
– obtain lactation cookie recipes
– plan for easy to grab nutritious meals in the house
– understand how to prepare for breastfeeding
– clarity on how your delivery method (and recovery) affects nutritional changes and behavioral changes prior to and after delivery
– cope with complications such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia- how to cope now and in the future

What’s Included
– Support through entire pregnancy
– 12 counseling sessions (typically 45-90 minutes each)
– unlimited email support

The Plan
– initial consultation
– further consultations scheduled as per customized plan
– e-mail support throughout pregnancy

Cost: $900 paid in full, 5 payments of $190
Add additional time at $115 per hour through the birth of their child