Education, Resources, Recipes and Conversations that make meal planning, shopping cooking and feeding your family less of a battle.

Unlike other meal planning programs, the Save My Sanity Program
was created by a registered dietitian and takes into account:

family tastes and preferences
different levels of cooking abilities
health conditions and allergies

The Save My Sanity Program isn’t just about learning new recipes or creating a calendar of meals. It’s a meal planning method that’s based on understanding and balancing nutrition. With this program, you’ll be able to get started and keep succeeding in nutritionally sound meal plans and get rid of that mom-guilt!

But, it’s not all about meal planning. It’s also about planning for your health by accounting for your nutritional needs as well as your cravings. It’s about mastering meal enjoyment! It’s about learning how choose your meals instead of defaulting to something you don’t really want. Get started, and keep succeeding, in planning meal that meet your family’s needs.

Some examples of goals to be conquered during this course:
– save time and sanity
– how to feed your whole family without losing your mind
– reduce stress
– create and follow a budget
– balance your nutrition
– reduce food waste
– add variety to your diet
– where does pizza fit in (spoiler – it totally fits in)

$25 per family includes:
– 6 webinars focused on erasing mom-guilt & building nutrition knowledge
– printables to help get you started and keep you going
– tips and tricks to make planning and cooking so much easier

Throughout this program you will receive ideas, knowledge & resources that help you:

• plan meals that work with your life schedule
• prepare you for life’s hiccups
• understand the causes and solutions for selective eating
• create cost effective meals
• achieve nutritional balance

At the end of the Save My Sanity Program you will have:

• a collection of recipes your family loves
• the ability to read a food label
• confidence that you’re providing your family with the nutrition they need
• achieve nutritional balance