Six Months to One Year

This package is designed for the mother looking to maximize her family’s nutrition during this important time. She may be dealing with a selective (picky) eater during solid food introduction. Allergies or other food intolerances may be a concern. The transition to milk can be difficult for some.

You will
– plan for food introduction through comfortable method
– introduce food in a sanity preserving way through family integrated food introduction
– understand the stages of nutrition and development
– introducing food more as a checklist versus a scheduled way of food introduction
– create a long-term healthy relationship with food for your child
– building a solid foundation for your child’s long term relationship with nutrition
– reduced stress over food introduction

What’s Included
– 4 weeks of overall support
– personal nutritional counseling
– unlimited email support
– Food Introduction Webinar
– customized recipes
– educational resources and materials
– typed up session notes

The Plan
– initial 90-minute consultation
– 3- 30 minute follow-up session
– customizes recipe resource via Pinterest

Cost: $412 paid in full, or 3 payments $145