Pregnancy to Birth: STAGE 2

This Package is designed for moms entering their second trimester. Maximize your nutrition during pregnancy with appropriate supplementation and diet. In this package, you will understand pregnancy weight and appropriate goals. Feel empowered in the choices you make. Have confidence in your amazing body and its ability to grow a healthy baby.

You Will
– learn to make confident dietary choices
– plan meals that ensure that you get the necessary nutrients for healthy fetal development
– knowing what nutrients you need, how much of them you need and ways to get those nutrients on a daily basis
– understand how to choose the best prenatal vitamin
– recognize signs of when you might need to change to a different prenatal supplement
– making sure you get enough folate and which foods are best to get it from
– understand pregnancy weight gain
– confidence knowing that while the look of your your body changes, it can grow a healthy child
– conquer fatigue, complications such as constipation, mom guilt
– complications such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia

What’s Included
– 4 weeks of overall support
– 4 hours of counseling
– unlimited email support

The Plan
– initial consultation (45-90 min)
– 3 hours of counseling via customized session plan
– educational resources and materials
– typed up session notes

Cost: $570 paid in full, or 3 payments of $200