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upcoming events
Isabel Vasquez

May 31st, 10am PT/1pm ET

Beyond Individual Behaviors: The Role of the Social Determinants of Health for the Latine Community

​​​​​​​Let’s bust myths and reduce the stigma around cultural foods. Let’s acknowledge problems in the ways health promotion is discussed in the media. Let’s talk about  how we can bring to light the systemic issues that impact health–particularly the health of those in marginalized communities.

This webinar approved for 1 CEU for RDs and DTRs through CDR

Foundations in Education

June 16th and 19th, 10am PT/1pm ET

Foundations in Education I and II

Nutrition education for kids is a very sticky subject. Many inclusion-focused dietitians avoid educating children while others are comfortable leading sensory-based food exploration. Why can’t we teach kids about nutrition? Join us for this 3-part series — a deep dive into education philosophies, nutrition, and what to do with it all in an equity-focused world.

This webinar is pending approval for 1.25 CEU (each date) for RDs and DTRs through CDR

Adapting Common Nutrition Concepts for a Low-Income Population

June 28th, 10am PT/1pm ET

Adapting Popular Nutrition Messaging for Increased Socio-Economic Inclusion

There are some nutrition messages that continue to circulate even though we know they aren’t serving everyone. Let’s dig into some of the common nutrition affirmations and see how we can shift to send a more inclusive message.

This webinar is pending approval for 1 CEU for RDs and DTRs through CDR

the feeding collective

July 12th, 12noon PT/3pm ET

Dynamic Assessment: Developing Individualized Care for the Feeding Therapy Client

Sometimes the protocols just don’t meet the client’s needs. This webinar will address how the feeding therapist can develop their own assessment tools and approaches to meet the needs of each unique client.

This webinar is pending approval for 1 CEU for RDs and DTRs through CDR

Journal club!

July 19th, 10am PT/1pm ET

The relationship between diet/nutrition and the mental health of
immigrants in Western societies through a holistic
bio-psycho-socio-cultural lens: A scoping review

Read this study and then come together to discuss.

Journal Club is always a free live event–it’s community-building! The recoding will be published and available for $5

This webinar is pending approval for 1.25 CEU for RDs and DTRs through CDR

recordings available
Kourtney Johnson

Body Image Work: Counseling and Misconceptions

Understanding the research

Understanding the Research: Reading and Interpreting Scientific Studies and Papers

Foundations in Education

Foundations in Educational Philosophy, part I

cults and psychological manipulation

Cults and Psychological Manipulation: The Historic Role of Nutrition in Mind Control

the feeding collective

Responsive Feeding with the feeding collective: An SLP, an OT, and an RD all walk into a kitchen…

Megrette Fletcher

Why Weight Loss Doesn’t Cure Diabetes: Understanding how weight inclusivity helps clients with or at risk of diabetes

journal club

Self-Determination Theory as a Theoretical Framework for a Responsive Approach to Child Feeding

Live event broadcast February 23rd, 9am PT/12PM ET

Read the white paper (here)Then come together to review and discuss as a group.

Relational Approach to Picky Eating

Live event broadcast April 20th, 9am PT/12 ET.

Read the paper (here)Then come together to review and discuss as a group.

the feeding collective


the feeding collective: Dena Berg, SLP, Hana Eichele, OT, and Yaffi Lvova, RDN provide a multidisciplinary approach to Responsive Feeding.

Check out our webinars (and keep checking! We plan to add 6 per year!) Soon there will be webinars, supervision, and a guidebook for the feeding professional. Stay tuned!

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