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  • Free live journal club each month for community-building. The recording will be available for purchase. 2 CEU
  • Two live webinars each month, featuring a weight-neutral, inclusive provider


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Upcoming events!

Kourtney Johnson

February 8th, 9am PT/12 ET

Body Image Work: Counseling and Misconceptions, presented by Kourtney Johnson, RD, LD

Define Body Image
Body Positive, Body Neutral, Body Dysmorphia–what exactly is Body Image?
Social Factors
How does the current setup of society play a role in Body Image and the Body Positivity Movement? How do the patriarchy and racism fit into this picture?​​​​​​​

Combatting Common Misconceptions
Where is the truth?

Increasing Resilience
How can the practitioner help the client cope with comments from (un)helpful friends and strangers?

​​​​​​​In Practice
Use case studies to help develop an in-depth understanding of these concepts

​​​​​​​Identifying Resources
Where to find more information to further your counseling abilities.

Journal club!

February 23rd, 9am PT/12 ET

Self-Determination Theory as a Theoretical Framework for a Responsive Approach to Child Feeding

Read the white paper (here)Then come together to review and discuss as a group.

Journal club is a free community-building service. Recordings of the discussion will be sold for $5. Participation is voluntary but encouraged!

the feeding collective

March 1st, 9am PT/12 ET

Responsive Feeding with the feeding collective: An SLP, an OT, and an RD all walk into a session…

Join the feeding collective to discuss Responsive Feeding: What it is through the lenses of the OT, the RD, and the SLP. Dena Berg, MS, CCC-SLP, Hana Eichele, MOT, OTR/L, and Yaffi Lvova, RDN

Tamar and Yaffi image

March 28th, 9am PT/12 ET

Understanding the Research: Reading and Interpreting Scientific Studies and Papers

Getting the science right…
Communicating the science available in the wrong way can have consequences for our peers and clients.
*What constitutes proof?
*How do you know if a study is reliable?
*What makes a good study?
*Drawing your own conclusion from data presented

Fatema and Brianna

May 10th, 9am PT/12 ET

The Westernization of Nutrition: How Western Supremacy in Dietetic Care Impacts the Mental Health of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Persons of Color

This informative webinar, based on their recent article by the same name, The Westernization of Nutrition: How Western Supremacy in Dietetic Care Impacts the Mental Health of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Persons of Color, addresses:
How are current nutrition guidelines developed by the USDA?​​​​​​​
What are some of the flaws in current nutrition guidelines?​​​​​​​Recommendations for Providers

This webinar is pending approval for 1.5 CEU through CDR

the feeding collective logo


the feeding collective: Dena Berg, SLP, Hana Eichele, OT, and Yaffi Lvova, RDN provide a multidisciplinary approach to Responsive Feeding.

There will be webinars, supervision, and a guidebook for the feeding professional. Stay tuned!

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