Toddler Test Kitchen

at the Halle Heart Children’s Museum

Do you struggle with a picky eater and only dare to dream of a balanced toddler meal? Is mealtime preparation tricky to balance with a curious kiddo who wants to “help” out?

Yaffi_Twins Toddler Test Kitchen Series

Yaffi Lvova, RDN, and her twins, now expert junior chefs!

Sarah Garone

Sarah Garone, DTR, of A Love Letter to Food, teaches Saturday classes



Join us Mondays with Yaffi and select Saturdays with Sarah Garone of Love Letter to Food at the Halle Heart Children’s Museum for the Toddler Test Kitchen Series.

Multiple dates are available. Please click the button below for details!




Toddler Test Kitchen is a one of a kind, hands-on cooking class for kids from 2yrs to 6yrs (recommended). Each class features an age appropriate original recipe created and presented by Baby Bloom Nutrition.

Featured Skills:
Join an experienced registered dietitian nutritionist and twin mom plus one, Yaffi Lvova of Baby Bloom Nutrition, as she guides you and your budding chef through this fun hands-on class that leaves your child with an appreciation for healthy cooking without any clean-up!

Cooking Basics | Safety, Measuring and Keeping Clean

Life Skills | Table Manners and Setting the Table

Knife Skills | How to Respect and Properly Use Kid-safe Knives

Discovering Flavors | Vocabulary Building through Describing New and Favorite Foods

In Home Toddler Test Kitchen

Do you struggle with a selective (picky) eater? Does the idea of mealtime prep stress you out? Get some friends together and I’ll guide you and your budding chefs through an age appropriate, hands-on cooking class designed to encourage healthy and helpful eating at an early age. This class is appropriate for ages 2-6 and can be modified for dietary restrictions as needed.

minimum 5 children/parent pairs

Cost: $25/child 5-10 children, $20/child 10-15 children

All supplies provided

*all traveling equipment is kosher, please inquire for details