This is definitely not my area of expertise. If you saw my house, you might laugh. You might cry. You might leave and come back with a plethora of organizational products. This is not my strength. And that’s why I enlisted the help of professional organizer, Malka Rodal, of The Organized Fairy on Facebook or here on Instagram!

Keeping your kitchen and pantry organized can help speed up your morning routine, streamline your lunch prep, and contribute to your overall sanity. Knowing what is in your fridge and pantry can save money by helping to prevent food spoilage and multiple purchases. I mean really. Go check in your pantry and comment below with how many half bags of pasta or rice you have hanging out in there. Do it. Now.

Organization is all about determination, time, and having a mansion out back where you can hide your hoarding tendencies from the general public. Like your in-laws.

But really, it’s ok if you dont have the proper space, as long as you have the proper tools. For instance, you may have seen something like this at Home Goods (seriously it’s a black hole in there) and thought it was a staircase for mice. It’s not! It’s actually an adjustable, expandable rack for cans or spices!


This perfect little lazy Susan is also great for storing spices or small jars. Save cabinet space and searching time by adding a little spin to your dinner prep!
Are you a bag lady? Collecting those plastic grocery bags until they are coming out of your ears? Am I talking about myself, maybe? This handy dandy grocery bag dispenser is a great place to store your bags for future use. Or for recycling. Did you know those things can be recycled? Click here to locate your neighborhood plastic film recycling center.
Are your sponges sitting on the countertop next to the sink? They are growing millions of bacteria! And not the happy probiotic kind. Check out this sponge holder. It’s great for the kitchen, or for the bathtub or shower!
Not all drawers were created equal. And sometimes your standard kitchen drawer organizer (or office desk organizer, or makeup drawer organizer) just doesn’t do the trick. But you can customize with this! You can also buy individual pieces for the ultimate in custom kitchen drawers!
Is your fridge a back hole of semi-moldy food and I-don’t-know-what’s-in-that-foil? Try upgrading with a clear plastic storage bin! Know what’s in your fridge before meal planning and use the food you already have! It’s a win-win!
And how awesome would these expandable shelves look in my snack cabinet? I mean in your snack cabinet… These are great for the countertop, the fridge, or the cabinet. See everything a little easier, and make space for more!
And how fancy would you feel with all of your multicolored quinoa and semolina flour all nicely displayed in these bins? Don’t kno what to do with multicolored quinoa and semolina flour? It sounds like you need to make time for some Toddler Test Kitchen!
So if you want your pantry to look a little more like this, um… call Malka, not me. And in the meantime, get yourself some organizing tools, put on some great music, and get going!

Comment below with any tips or tricks you would like to share!

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