Do you have a picky eater?

First, don’t call them picky (yes, I know I started it). Try something softer:

  • He is still learning about foods
  • She is cautious around food
  • He is selective at meals

Labeling a child with something negative will only lead to a bigger problem. By using a softer term, there is room for positivity and growth.

  1. Start here–blog on Division of Responsibility
    1. How to use that concept with combination meals like casseroles, slow cookers, and pressure cookers: Picky Eater vs The Instant Pot
  2. Make sure to offer a variety of food, over the course of the week. Variety in food leads to variety in nutrition. But how? Eat the Rainbow–But How?
  3. Trouble in the school lunchroom? Check out this one: The Selective Eater Goes to School
  4. Remember to watch where you get your information. I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist. Find out more about nutrition credentials–what they mean and what they don’t–in this blog.

More resources

Nap Time Nutrition YouTube channel and podcast for all things parenting and nutrition. Over 180 videos just for you.

Easy Bites app is the google maps of child feeding. Within seconds, it will help you discover the reason for your child’s mealtime behavior and a practical way to move forward self-paced online courses on infants and toddlers (use code BABYBLOOM for 10% off) Check out her wonderful books on Amazon too!

The Messy Intersection is the place in new motherhood where your life and your needs are all tangled up in the ever-changing needs of your kids. Dietitian Diana Rice features guests each week to tackle common nutrition problems. Natalia Stasenko, RD and feeding expert provides up to date and convenient resources on her website and social media outlets. Natalia Stasenko, Jo Cormack, and Simone Emery team up to provide guidance for parents overcoming picky eating obstacles Katja Rowell, MD provides books, blogs, and other free resources on child nutrition, extreme picky eating, food preoccupation, and much more.

Nutrition for the Sensory Sensitive Child

Beyond a Bite Parent Edition: Playful Sensory Food Exploration for Austistic and Neurodivergent Kids Naureen Hunani, RD Hana Eichele, MOT, OTR/L, feeding therapist

How to Get Your Child to Eat, now available on-demand

This one-hour pre-recorded webinar answers many of parents’ common questions about feeding their children.

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