It’s been a while. I’m not going to say exactly how long. Somehow counting the days makes it feel unending.

Here are some COVID-related materials to help get you through the end of this lockdown with at least some of your sanity in tact.

Nap Time Nutrition videos that are particularly helpful at this time:

Maintaining Friendships Through Motherhood

The Culture of Quarantine: How we are connecting through food and cooking

Should You Pay Kids for Chores?

Feeding the Quarantined Child

When Parents are Not on the Same Page

Are You Addicted to Food?

Sourdough: Is it Gluten-free? Are there health benefits?

Equal Parenting: What it looks like and how you can get there

When Pizza is the Healthier Option

Managing your Emotions: Taming the adult tantrum

Speaking to your Kids about Nutrition

Marital Harmony at the Table

Kids and Candy

Cooking with Kids: Why you should do it and how you can start

Bolstering the Immune System

Gentle Parenting

The Anxiety of Parenting

Ditch the Mom Guilt

Should your Child be on a Diet?

Is All Food Good Food?

Taking Mini Vacations: A practical guide to mini-meditations

There are a whole lot more at! Got a question? There is a Nap Time Nutrition for that!

Meal Planning Resources

My online course (only $25!) Save My Sanity: Nutritional Confidence for Busy Parents

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